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Torch fat & gain lean muscle
regardless of your age.

No BS, no fads, no trend, just simple changes compounding for profound results.



Cookie-cutter programs do NOT fit all.

Your goals & your 'why' are unique to you, your nutritional needs & fitness plans are no different.

The Cheat Code Method takes it back to basics, why? ..Because they work.

No overhauls, no fad diets, no BS!

Simple changes compounding to produce profound results.

Workout with Slam Ball


Customized coaching tailored to YOUR needs.

1:1 with 24/7 support.

Non-restrictive foods & fitness you enjoy.

Weekly accountability check-ins.

Empathetic & motivational approach

NO judgement whatsoever.

ID & overcome barriers

Let's unlock your cheat codes.


Implementing foods and training you actually enjoy in order to smash your goals.

Coach Pam will identify any existing barriers you're currently facing & implement tools to overcome them.

The Cheat Code Method fuels your body for success with non-restrictive, delish eats.

We are excited for you!

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8 Week
Body Recomposition

Customized plans tailored to your body's specific needs, we give you all the tools, support, guidance, & motivation needed to smash your goals.

$358 (<$45 /wk)

Heavy Weights

12 Week
Body Recomposition

Tailored plans specific to you and your body. You'll get all the guidance and support needed to accomplish your desired physique.

$538 (<$45 /wk)

Fitness Couple High Five

Monthly Nutrition
& Fitness Coaching

Ongoing monthly coaching, as with the 8 & 12 week programs, you'll receive unique nutrition & fitness plans specific to you & your goals, and of course all the guidance & support.

$178 (<$45/wk)

Image by erica steeves

The Best You

Obtain your desired physique, regardless of your age.

For more guidance on the best option for you,

submit your enquiry to connect with Pam.

Based out of sunny SWFL

Coaching 1:1 Worldwide

+1(239) 308-6481

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Get Daily Cheat Codes

Delish recipes, life hacks, motivation, & workout tips.

1% better each day

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